Sarah was exceptional with our son and a blessing to our family.  After months of seeing doctors and professionals who didn’t understand him, Sarah brought us to tears during our first meeting when she told us that she had seen all of this before and that everything would be OK.  She understood him in a way that was so comforting to us and started giving us tools to do the same.  Her involvement in our lives was the turning point in his development.  We actually moved to be closer to the facility at which she worked, so he could get more sessions with her…and that decision paid off.  We will forever be grateful to Sarah and her unbelievably kind heart.  Everything is OK…just as she promised…with large thanks to her. 

Brooke & Chris

I attended some of the sensory education/support groups Sarah led. She was AMAZING! It was life changing to be a part of the groups. I have much more awareness and insight into my sensory world. The practical tips, support and a better understanding of how the sensory system works are just a few of the benefits I can name.