Sarah was so great to learn from. I learned so much during my time with her. She is an amazing therapist and an inspiration.


Sarah is so sweet and I can’t begin to describe how much I appreciate her. She’s changing our lives… The way we think, the way we perceive things and situations, and helping us understand our son so much better. He seems so much happier, all thanks to her. We’re so grateful to have such a caring soul to help guide us through this whirlwind of beautiful craziness.


Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks not only for the care Sarah has given our son, but also the support she has given us as parents. I am so grateful to have found Sarah. The experience has changed our lives. I have tried to recall a time when someone else has done that for us and honestly no one has touched our lives in such a profound way the way she has and continues to do. She is such a generous soul. She has taught us to be the parents we so desperately need and want to be. She is changing the world and making a huge difference to “orchid” families everywhere!


I appreciate Sarah for all she has done for my son and me. He has made so much progress and has awakened to the world so much more and that’s all thanks to her. She has helped me learn so much more about what helps him and I thank her for that.


I admire Sarah’s ability to so quickly connect personally with families and their journeys. She has such intentional, thoughtful passion and her certainty about goals while remaining flexible in working toward them is inspirational.


I have learned so much about myself and how my brain and body work from group. It was so validating to hear from others who have had similar experiences. Sarah is very knowledgeable, kind, and truly cares about adults with SPD.


Sarah has such a wealth of expert knowledge. I learnt so much in her group and I still need time to take it in and understand and apply it. I enjoyed being able to have direct contact and discussion and ask questions and share my experiences.


I attended some of the sensory education/support groups Sarah led. She was AMAZING! It was life changing to be a part of the groups. I have much more awareness and insight into my sensory world. The practical tips, support and a better understanding of how the sensory system works are just a few of the benefits I can name.


Sarah Norris is a wealth of knowledge and she offers so much value within her groups! She has a calming presence about her and facilitates each group with patience, professionalism, and passion. Her sensory education/support groups give me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of sensory processing and expand upon topics that I’ve been introduced to over the years. I highly recommend her services to others!


I participated in some of the online groups Sarah has led and worked with her directly to apply for college disabilities accommodations. I have come to realize how important many of the adjustments to my life are. I have found many new tools to work with, felt encouraged, and understand myself a lot better.