Sarah does great work. I love all her practical suggestions. I also like that she offers courses for adults and they can pay what they can. I just love the love she has for people that is evident when she opens up this valuable work in this way.


We filled out a few online screening forms and had one parent coaching session with Sarah about our teenage son’s food issues. So far our son is now able to sort out his oral sensitivities and is eating much better! He’s now curious about food textures, instead of resistant and offended. For example, he tried a new cracker, and after a bit said, “Hmm, not sure I like it, but I might like it better next time.” And there was a next time!


Sarah is a skilled listener. She balances intellectual rigor with deep empathy, connects knowledge with intuition, and infuses her work with creativity and fun. After our time with Sarah, we noticed a measurable difference in our daughter’s ability to emotionally self-regulate. Sarah has made a significant impact on our family’s sense of well-being and joy. We consider Sarah a key part of our family’s journey, and she continues to be a trusted adviser for us as our daughter matures. Sarah is a specialist of the highest caliber, and we feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.


We worked with Sarah Norris during six weeks of intensive occupational therapy for our daughter’s sensory processing challenges. Sarah provided an incredibly compassionate, nonjudgmental, and safe environment for our daughter to explore her sensory and emotional needs. Sarah’s approach integrated the entire family. Our daughter gained confidence from Sarah’s play-based methods, while my husband and I learned how to be more successful parents of a sensory-challenged child. Sarah was generous with her expertise: she both modeled her approach during therapy sessions and provided numerous strategies for us to use outside of those sessions.


Sarah was exceptional with our son and a blessing to our family.  After months of seeing doctors and professionals who didn’t understand him, Sarah brought us to tears during our first meeting when she told us that she had seen all of this before and that everything would be OK.  She understood him in a way that was so comforting to us and started giving us tools to do the same.  Her involvement in our lives was the turning point in his development.  We actually moved to be closer to the facility at which she worked, so he could get more sessions with her…and that decision paid off.  We will forever be grateful to Sarah and her unbelievably kind heart.  Everything is OK…just as she promised…with large thanks to her.