About The Sensory Coach

Sarah Norris is the founder of The Sensory Coach. She is a licensed and registered occupational therapist. Sarah is a sensory processing and integration specialist with extensive training and experience in sensory processing/integration, MindBody Therapy, and DIR/Floortime Therapy. Sarah and her colleague, Carrie Einck, developed the ground-breaking adult and adolescent treatment program at the STAR Institute in Denver, Colorado. Carrie and Sarah did several Facebook Live videos for STAR. They also created an introductory webinar for STAR that covers five crucial topics for understanding and managing sensory processing differences in adulthood.

Sarah is now living and working in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She supports people of all ages and is passionate about addressing the mental health aspects of sensory processing differences across the lifespan. She speaks, writes, teaches, and provides evaluation, treatment, consultation, coaching, and mentoring services for clients, families, and professionals. She has experience with program development, sensory friendly environmental design and event planning, and supports individuals, families, and groups.

Sarah understands what it is like to live with sensory processing differences because she has lived with them (undiagnosed) her whole life. She also knows what it is like to raise children with sensory processing differences because she has two children with neurological differences. Her children have very different sensory processing presentations, which has deepened Sarah’s understanding of the complexity of sensory processing challenges and their impact on basic human needs beginning at a very early age. Sarah has worked professionally with individuals with sensory processing and integration challenges her entire career of 15 years. Her insight and empathy are the perfect combination to coach and support those on a journey to understand and manage their (and/or their loved one’s) sensory processing differences in a deeply meaningful way.