Coaching sessions are all about helping you reach your unique goals. Perhaps you want to understand yourself or your loved one better. Maybe you want to be able to function with greater ease in a wider variety of environments. Or, it could be you’re not sure what you need, but you can recognize something needs to change for you to live your best life.

The coaching process has four different stages which clients move in and out of at different speeds (and revisit earlier stages as often as they need):

  1. Figuring out what you don’t know – getting to the root of unsolved problems and discovering why you struggle in certain areas
  2. Defining what you need to learn – identifying the skills, strategies, supports, and resources that will move you closer to overcoming challenges with greater confidence and ease
  3. Doing the work – doing experiments, practicing skills, trying strategies, and building a support network
  4. Maintaining well-being – keeping up with good habits, staying anchored in supportive routines and practices, and remembering to use strategies and supports

A coaching model assumes each client is the best source for the answers and solutions to their own unique problems and needs…they just might need a little guidance to help them find those answers waiting within.

The first step to working with a Sensory Coach is a free 15-minute consultation.

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