Product Recommendations

Finding the right products to meet your sensory needs can be overwhelming. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or are unsure which items are best for you, schedule a free consultation to help!

Ergonomics (for Posture)


For Sound Sensitivity

Recommended Books

Parenting Books

Children’s Books


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Seated Work Options
– Seats that offer movement
– Seats that offer postural support

Standing Work Options
– Adjustable work surfaces
– Standing mats

– Soft textures
– Smooth textures
– Intricate textures
– Moveable parts
– Foot fidgets
– Quiet
– One-handed
– Resistive
– Wearable (jewelry)
– Fun fidgets
– Visual fidgets

For Sound Sensitivity
– Earplugs
– Passive noise cancellation
– Active noise cancellation
– Sound therapies

For Smell Sensitivity
– Unscented products
– Lightly scented products
– Essential oils & diffusers
– Odor absorbing products
– Odor shielding products

For Visual/Light Sensitivity
– Tinted glasses
– Visors & caps
– Overlays for reading
– Tinted paper for printing & writing
– Visual tracking support for reading
– Online color filter test
– Adjusting device settings
– Vision therapies

For Movement Breaks

For Self-Massage & Tension Release

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