Product Recommendations

Finding the right products to meet your sensory needs can be overwhelming. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or are unsure which items are best for you, schedule a free consultation to help!

Flexible Seating
– Seats that offer movement

– Seats that offer postural support

Flexible Workspaces
– Adjustable work surfaces
– Standing mats

Sound Sensitivity
– Noise reduction
– Noise masking
– Noise cancellation
– Sound therapies

Coming soon…

Smell Sensitivity
– Odor reduction
– Odor masking
– Odor shielding

Visual Issues
– Light & glare reduction
– Reading & writing supports
– Reducing visual overload
– Adjusting device settings
– Vision therapies

– Fidgets for focus and attention
– Fidgets for anxiety
– Wearable fidgets
– Fun fidgets

For Movement Breaks
– Indoors
– Outdoors
– Small Spaces

Tension Relief

– Sensory Processing
– Self-Regulation
– Self-Management
– Parenting/Caregiving
– Children’s Books