Flexible Seating

Is it hard for you or your loved one to sit still? You’re not alone! This is a common challenge for individuals with sensory and neurological differences. Instead of trying to “fix” the “problem”, have you considered the solution may be to allow movement while sitting? Research shows that changing position and moving frequently can (1) strengthen learning, (2) improve memory and retrieval, and (3) enhance motivation and morale.

Option #1: Flexible Seating

Here are some recommended products for allowing movement and frequent changes in position (“flexible seating options”):

And here are some products that offer more postural support (for when your core needs a break) that still offer some movement:

Swing chairs are another great way to get some movement, especially when you may be feeling a little extra tired or overwhelmed. Here are a few to consider:

And we all need some good cozy options for settling in with a good book. Here are some options to comfortably support your posture so you can just relax and enjoy whatever it is that you like:

Next Up: Option #2: Flexible Worksurfaces

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