The Sensory Processing Three Dimensions Scale (SP3D)

Why is getting an accurate and thorough sensory processing disorder (SPD) diagnosis so hard? There are a few major factors, but here’s a big one: There are virtually no qualityContinue reading “The Sensory Processing Three Dimensions Scale (SP3D)”

Sensory-Based Motor Differences

Some motor coordination difficulties are due, at least in part, to faulty sensory processing. Postural Disorder and Dyspraxia are the names of two ways sensory issues can impair motor skills. They are both complex and can affect many different aspects of daily life.

The Eight Sensory Systems

Your nervous system is a complex network of signals connecting your brain and your body. There are eight major systems that connect your sensory organs through collections of nerve endingsContinue reading “The Eight Sensory Systems”

What is Sensory Processing?

In simple terms, sensory processing and integration are the ways your brain detects, prioritizes, and remembers: External sensations from the environment around you Internal sensations from within your bodies, andContinue reading “What is Sensory Processing?”